Jacinta Owen (DJ) Branding

Jacinta Owen made her DJ debut early twenty seventeen and since then quickly made a name for herself in the industry. Working with major companies such as High Tide and Orange Rooms along side performances at top festivals including Isle of white, Jacinta is quickly becoming a name people know. Since her debut I have worked closely to produce branding and performance graphics to be displayed at performances and give Jacinta a unique branding style. 

Logo Production. 

A simple but unique type face has been produced and associated with Jacinta in order to allow her name to become know within industry as well as giving the feeling of a icon style logo through emphasis on composition and boldness in various letters.

Poster Design.

Poster and promotional designs are on of the biggest factors with this project. Developing eye catching advertisments that are in keeping with the 'palm' graphics related to Jacinta. This poster was designed in-conjunction with the Garden Party festival to promote Jacinta's DJ set.


As a conceptual idea, we designed merchandise for Jacinta using her logo which can be used during sets and could also be adapted in to promotional t-shirts within clubs and festivals.

Trax 'N' Snax.

Trax 'N' Snax is the debut mix relesed by Jacinta. To promote this I developed a text based neon sign graphic adapted for a variety of promotional platforms including; Instagram stories, Facebook banners and Sound cloud.

LP Cover Art.

The Trax 'N' Snax graphic can also used be used in the production of albums and vinyl which are more commonly used amongst DJ's. To show how this design would incorporate with this I developed a few mock-ups including the artwork. 

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