• Dan Eddleston

Depicting The Relevance

Through a discussion with Simon, one of my tutors, we decided the best cause of action to plan the project would be to use a 5-5-5 method in order to develop a substantial prototype of my app. Through this method I’ll pick five artefacts, each referencing an ‘issue’ to target. For each of these I will then choose five ‘information’ points to display in each scene. Finally, for each of these five points, I will choose a different media method to explore in order to depict what will create the best user experience.

Choosing artefacts that will help show the benefits of grass-root creative culture is a key stage in the development of my project. I want to be able to show of the artefacts but allow the creative/artist to extend the narrative of their work in a unique style.

In order to do this, I visited the Baltic Triangle, the location my research is taking place to study the murals further and marry the artwork with the issues they represent. Many of the murals around the city are solely created as visuals, however, some have deeper meanings behind them, referencing issues and events taking place around the area. For the prototyping purposes of my app, I think it’s important to choose and focus on heritage/design that portrays a strong message in the community and promotes current affairs.

Within the next stages of the project, I’m going to analyse the fresh batch of images I’ve taken and sort out which heritage/design elements link with current affairs within the community.

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