• Dan Eddleston

Digital Immersion Art + Tech

Something I’ve been considering throughout my project is the idea of digital immersion and ways in which the physical world can be preserved and enhanced through digital technologies.

The start of my project saw me exploring ways in which street art can be captured digitally in order to preserve it from vulnerable elements within the environment. Moving forward with this concept, it was key to make the digital archive interactive, something that will attract and engage with users.

I decided that using AR technology will be good route to travel down having previously experimented with some basic mock-ups in the earlier stages of my project. With AR technology becoming more and more popular in a vast range of industries, it shows the potential behind current technologies and what can be done in the future.

Advancing with this concept potentially may make it problematic for day-to-day ‘users’ to contribute to the archive. This will be something I need to consider in the development of the app and whether to take a slightly different approach then first imagined.

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