• Dan Eddleston

The Design Legacy

After deciding to delve deeper into my current project, I decided it would be best to solidify my thoughts on what design elements I wanted to focus on.

With the Baltic Triangle (the subject of my research) being heavily covered with street art and murals I decided this would be the ideal ‘design’ element to focus on due to my interest in the artwork and its relevance to local culture.

In order for the focus on street art to successfully work within my project, it’s important to now decide what ‘legacies’ I’m hoping to raise awareness of throughout my project and whether there are direct connections to the visual language within the Baltic Triangle.

Moving forward I will be considering factors such as:

Raising community awareness

Need to support independent culture

The value of grassroot venues

Movements such as save24kitchenstreet and letthemusicplay

The next steps within the project will be research around how street art can be used to help solve the answers to the above factors.

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