Many Moods Of...

Many Moods Of... is a series of work designed for a showcase exhibition. The campaign features a range of promotional material created for a self conceptual exhibition focusing on the members of the twenty-seven club. The inspiration for this project came from the journal pages of Cobain coupled with the David Bowie Is exhibition. The work I deeveloped for this project contains some of my favourite concepts and I consider it one of my personal favourites.

Poster Design.

The five poster series was the first element i created for this campaign. They all featured the same composition but alternated on the artist advertised, but brought collectively will give a bigger concept to what will be featured in the exhibition. I particularly like the play on the title of the exhibition in this series.

Starbucks Promotion.

The alternative Starbucks cups where the second part of my promotion. Whilst still being recognisable as the traditional Starbucks brand I have featured a hand drawn illustration in place of the traditional mermaid coupled with a customisable exhibition title that can be personalised to each visitor


Street Marketing. 

To help promote Many Moods Of... I created a hand out to be given to members of the public in the streets around the V&A. This features a pill bottle filled with 

mints. The pharmaceutical label design is made out to a member of the 27 club and includes all key information about the exhibition such as, location, dates and title.

Slide Right.


My Many Moods Of... campaign was also shown in my UAL art foundation final exhibition as my final major project. This piece was fully curated by myself and featured phsyical mock-ups of each design.

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